Adoption Blitz!

Thanks so much for spreading the word. Because of your kindness, KSL found us and chose to run an article. Check it out here!

Becoming Reminiscent

We had a great summer. Here's a quick recap: water park trips, baseball games, family visits, hiking, fishing, Vegas weekend, Landon's hip surgery (went well but full recovery will take a while), country concerts, park visits with Copper, and adoption blitz. We have so much to be grateful for.

Last Day of the Adoption Blitz!

Today is the last day of the adoption blitz! Make a status, write a blog post, send an e-mail! We can't thank you enough for your help!

Adoption Blitz!

When we started the adoption process, we were told we were supposed to find our baby. The agency said that many adoptions happen because a friend of a friend knows someone looking to place. Well, we're private people and agreed there was no way we were doing that. Though it still feels uncomfortable for us to ask for your help, we desperately want a child, and if swallowing our pride a bit is the way to do it, bring it.

So, we've decided to combine our efforts and have an adoption blitz THIS WEEK. August 22-29, we need everyone's help to spread the word. For one week, we would appreciate your concentrated effort to help us find our baby. The more people who know we're trying to adopt, the better.  Even if you don't actually know us, it would still mean so much to us if you would pass along our blog info. Do as many of these things as you can THIS WEEK. We would appreciate it so much!

1. Make a facebook status directing people to our adoption blog:

2. Add our blog button to your blog (You can grab it from the right sidebar on this blog).

3. Mention our hopes to adopt in a blog post.

4. E-mail me your address (, and I will send you our adoption pass along cards. Give the pass along cards to hair stylists, lawyers, church leaders, doctors, coworkers, moms, dentists, sisters, birth moms, aunts, trainer, etc.

5. E-mail your friends and family

6. Like our adoption facebook page and encourage your friends to as well!

If you don't mind, let us know what you did! We would love to hear about it. Thank you so much!

Becoming a Mother

We have a new caseworker and new pass along cards! Please e-mail me (  with your address if you'd like us to send some to you. The pass along cards have our contact information and are a great way to spread the word. They can be given to anyone who may know a birth mom (church leaders, birth moms, doctors, lawyers, etc.)! Thanks for your help!

Becoming a Mountain Woman

We took the Young Women in our ward hiking to some beautiful waterfalls this week.

I love working with them.

The most entertaining part was when an 11-year-old Scout group got stuck behind us, and we got to enjoy their conversation. It went something like this:

"Eddie just farted!"
"When I fart, it's like an explosion!"
"I'm going to fart in the waterfall, and there are going to be bubbles everywhere!"

I laughed so hard. I haven't been around little boys in a long time, and they cracked me completely up.

Becoming a Fan

Fact: One Direction is the stuff. Enjoy.

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